W/E 29/12/2013

posted Dec 28, 2013, 8:28 AM by John O'Sullivan
Hunting the Wren.
A group of musicians, singers and dancers who attend the Kitchen Sessions in Toonagh Hall on the Friday nights, hunted the Wren on St. Stephen's Day.  Despite the inclement weather, they livened up the day for all they encountered, and, in the process, raised €400 which they have kindly donated to essential work which has to be undertaken in the Hall.
Toonagh Hall Closed.
The storms before and during the Christmas period have wreaked havoc, not only for householders, but also for Toonagh Hall and Sports Complex.   A sheet of cladding was blown off the handball alley, leading to flooding in the floor,, however, this has now been dried out and the roof repaired, temporarily.  The roof of the old school, which houses the Kitchen, and the canopy outside, were severly damaged.  Parking in the area has been seriously curtailed, due to the risk of injury and damage in case of slates coming from the roof and the whole complex has been closed down until repairs have been carried out.