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W/E 04/07/2013

posted Jul 30, 2013, 2:23 AM by Unknown user
Munster Fleadh.
The parish was well represented at the Munster Fleadh Cheoil, held in U.L. recently.   Sarah and Jamie Cantillon and Lisa Whelan are members of Inis Og Group, which won the u12 competition.   Lisa is also a member of the Inis Og Band, which came 2nd.   Eimear Arkins, Ruan, came 2nd in Irish and English Singing, 1st in Lilting, 2nd in newly composed tunes, with her "What's Next Jig",  3rd in fiddle, airs and 2nd in miscellaneous, playing the Viola, all in Senior Class.   Her brother, Conor plays with Inis Og Band u18, which came 1st and he also came 2nd in Miscellaneous, playing sax and 3rd in flute, airs.   
In Duets u15, Daire Shannon and Conor O'Loughlin (Corofin) came 3rd.  Ross O'Donovan and Barry Heagney with Sean Doherty (Ennis) came 1st in Trio u18.  Shona O'Halloran came 1st in Concertina u12 and  is a member of the Group which came 1st in u15.  Lily O'Connor came 2nd in Concrtina u12 and and 1st in Harp u12.  Her sister, Eve, came 3rd in Harp u12.In Trio u18, Ross O'Donovan and Barry Heagney, with Sean Doherty (Ennis) came 1st.  Fergal Breen came 1st in flute 15-18, 1st in piano 15-18 and 2nd in pipes 15-18.  In the Group Section the Burren Group came 3rd in u15 and 2nd in u18 and Inis Og came 3rd in u18 and in Band u18, Inis Og came 1st. 
There is a very high standard at the Munster Fleadh Cheoil and it is a credit to the children and their teachers to come out of Munster.  They now look forward to the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil which, this year, is being held in Derry from the 14th to 18th August.